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Boating has always been an important part of my life. Whether exploring the Wooli River in a row boat as child, or sailing the oceans, or fishing the seas, I have always enjoyed just playing around in boats.

I will write more about these adventures as time allows. I'll start now with my current fishing boat.

My fishing boat, Sea-Bee, cruising the Wooli River

Sea-Bee is a Hartley Vixen. She is a 5.5m straight chine design, constructed of dynel sheething over a plywood hull. These straight chine Hartleys are soft riding into the chop when you get their bow down, and run straight and true with a following sea.

She has served us well, providing many fun filled hours for the family as it grew. She is regularly used as a fishing boat out of the Wooli River, but regularly makes the trip to the Clarence River for water skiing afternoons, or along the coast for camping trips to one of our islands.

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