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This is my web site.

My name is Chris Firth, and I am a resident of Pillar Valley. Pillar Valley is a locality in Northern NSW, Australia. Situated near Grafton, Pillar Valley is nestled between the coastal range and Pillar Mountain.

Buying a Sinclair calculator in 1974, as a child of 12 writing Fortran programs to run on huge DEC computers with the power of a 21st century mobile phone, I have been playing with computers since the 1970s, interested in electronic devices since a young age.

Boating has always been in my blood. On my boating page, I write about my past and present boats and fun I've had in them. A new adventure is about to begin - plans have been bought for a sailing yacht, and construction details will be found in the building blog for Easy cat Seabeezee.

While completing a Science degree 20 years ago, I completed a subject titled 'Planet Earth'. In just a few hours of course time, this subject attempted to present all the knowledge humans have of our planet, from the centre of the core to the boundaries of the atmosphere, and life across the time span from the first appearance of the planet through the formation of life up to the present day. This subject kindled in me a deep interest in the future of the planet.

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