Invertor Install

We have a nice new Victron Multiplus invertor/charger installed and running.

What is really nice about this unit is the way that it switches across between the invertor and charger functions. The box is connected to our 400AHr Lithium Ion cells (LiFePO4) that is monitored with a battery management system and fuel guage. We have been using the same battery and management system in the house now for almost a year and are very happy with the performance.

This invertor can be making 240v power out of the batteries, and then, without any intervention, when external power is connected (either generator or shorepower supply) the invertor instantly becomes a charger without any interuption to appliances that might be using the 240v supply.

The last photo shows the remote control panel which is mounted with the rest of the switches on the navigation station. It shows all the invertor indicator lights, allows the machine to be turned on to inverter/charger mode or straight battery charger mode, and have rotary knob that allows us to turn back the amount of power being used by the battery charger. This is important for our little Honda generator, as the charger could easily overload the little genset.

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