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Features of our build


We have now achieved a huge milestone towards completing our boat. It is now airtight. Today we attached the last of the cabin windows. The cockpit windows and door have been fitted for a while, but we had to wait … Continue reading

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Getting a Shower

The head in this boat is big enough for a dedicated shower. Pressure hot and cold water will flow through a mixer, and up to a shower rose in the roof. All the plumbing is in Whale 15mm plastic tubing. … Continue reading

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Genoa Tracks

The genoa tracks are fitted to the forward end of the turret roof. Usually, these are through bolted on the roof, with the bolts washers and nuts being exposed on the lining of the saloon. As we built the saloon … Continue reading

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Rubbing Strakes

A design modification that I discussed with the designer are these rubbing strakes. Rather than painting a stripe along the upper chine, I chose to add a stripe of timber along the hulls. This provides a level of protection when … Continue reading

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Sheeting the Bow

We have changed the sheeting, again, on the bow of the port hull. The objective of the change is to reduce, or to eliminate as far as possible, the amount of end-grain plywood that is presented in the bow area. … Continue reading

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With the first hull nearly ready to be turned over, the rudder must be fitted. The design specifies the rudder post to be made using 48mm 316SS pipe, which is embedded into laminated plywood. I again used the NACA foil profile as … Continue reading

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Outboard Pod

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The outboard pods form part of the bridgedeck that joins the two hulls. The pod is now finished on the first hull, and this post goes right back to the start and shows the progress of the pod from start … Continue reading

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The keel is now complete, resting on the top of the upside-down first hull. In retrospect, this post recaps the construction of the keel, from the drafting of the components, to the assembly and fitting of the keel to the … Continue reading

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