Port Outboard Pod

I am still not sure about the outboard motors to use, but I am sure that I want more power than the pair of 10hp Yamaha high-thrust that is the most common choice for these boats. I have been considering using a larger motor on one side. While both pods have been built extra strong, this one is also larger.

The outboard pod on the port hull was again constructed into the frames, right from the start. The vertical wall on the inside of the outboard well, with the galley on the inside, has been built into the hull from the start. At this point, the plans ask for the hull to be built to the upper chine height, to be later cut away for the vertical section. That would mean that the taller outboard transom would need to be extended. Instead, I have built it in from the start, and to provide more space for a bigger motor, I extended the whole outboard pod and transom an extra 50mm.

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