Fishing the Wooli River

Since the launch last month, we have been relaxing and enjoying life on the Wooli River. There have been some jobs to get finished, both here on the boat and back at home, and we are still close enough to home to allow us to commute.

One of the most relaxing jobs is fishing, and we have been doing well on bream, whiting and flathead, almost always caught on the change of tide.

We are now waiting for fine weather in order to motor around to Yamba, about 25nm to the north of here. We have the mast there waiting for its fittings to be riveted on and then stood on the deck. I can’t wait to go sailing.

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3 Responses to Fishing the Wooli River

  1. Darren Smith says:

    Congrats…great job and thanks for the insight through your blog. Could I ask your thoughts on the internal paint you used, level of gloss/reflection now you’ve spent time on board. thanks in advance and bravo once again

  2. SeeBeeZee says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Darren.
    We used Wattyl Colourthane HO topcoat inside and out. While it is a really high quality paint, the biggest limitation with using it inside the boat is the phyisical size of a spray gun when compared to the lockers and shelves that you need to get the paint onto. And overspray. It’s near impossible to avoid voerspray when there are so many intersecting surfaces that are so big and take so long to paint. I used a standard gravity feed HVLP gun where ever possible, but because the can is on top, it is almost impossible for any “underneath” surfaces. For those, I bought a little touch-up gun. Even so, a lot of lockers ended up getting retouched with brushes.

  3. +femme 7 Jim says:

    spectacular, what a massive job you guys did and accomplished……..

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