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Port Hull Skinned

Completed the skinning of the port hull this morning. After fairing the chines, there is still the keel to add, shaping the stem and the outboard pod to complete before coating it all in epoxy resin and glass.

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Blood Nose

IMAG0234, a photo by SeeBeeZee on Flickr. More blood! Came out from under the hull, and forgot to look up before I stood. Forgot that I’d built that outboard pod on the side of the hull.

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Port Hull – Fast Progress

Working on the second hull is both exciting and boring at the same time. It is exciting that progress is so fast. Having done it once before on the first hull, there are less questions in your mind. You can … Continue reading

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Sheeting the Bow

We have changed the sheeting, again, on the bow of the port hull. The objective of the change is to reduce, or to eliminate as far as possible, the amount of end-grain plywood that is presented in the bow area. … Continue reading

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