Timber with Tools

I have had quotes in from timber suppliers from Brisbane, but thought I had better check my local suppliers, too.

There is a plywood factory just north of Grafton, but they do not manufacture marine ply. Pity that, as they use excellent quality timber to make the veneers, and everyone says that the exterior grade plys are made with the same glues. Anyway, in the total scheme of things, the plywood is a small component. I plan to stick to only the best materials.

The big news is the lumber. I visited a local joiner last week, and he said he would be able to supply all the framing timber from a hoop pine log that he knew of. He was busy at the time, but gave me a good hour having a look through his plant.

But today was a different story. I think he had looked at Easy cats online, and was so enthusiastic. He is assuring me that he can supply first grade timber at a price better than any quote that I have! And he will assist with any planing or milling that I may need.

This is really exciting news for me, as I am sure that between Keith’s advice and tools that I will save time and get a better built boat.

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