Finger Plane

I have had a short setback to the building, having planed the end off my left index finger.

It was all very stupid. I was trying to take the corner off a small block of wood, and did exactly what you shouldn’t – I held the small block against the rotating planer blades. Of course, the block of wood was ejected by the blades, leaving my finger to bring them to a stop. Ouch!

That was over 2 weeks ago. It’s nearly better now. If you don’t want to see the damage, then don’t click on the photo below. If you don’t mind gore, go for it.

Demonstrating how to use a planer. CLICK WARNING - this link contains BLOOD

I treated the wound at home first, but when it was still bleeding through the dressing 24 hours later, I thought professional help was required. I was treated at the Emergency department of the local hospital twice before they referred me to the local Dressing Clinic. I am just back from that clinic for the last time. The wound is still a bit sore, but today’s should be the last dressing.

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