Upside Down

Upside-down? Not the boat; the blog. I have had questions about why, when you scroll down, the progress appears to be taking the boat apart. That is because this is a blog, so the most recent items are at the top. Here at the top you see an example of a finished boat and the latest photos of progress, and as you scroll down everything is getting older. But this is by design. When you come back to have another look at the page someday, all the new stuff will be at the top.

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2 Responses to Upside Down

  1. Troy says:

    Thanks for your info , its a real credit to the both of you good on you , looks like you are getting closer …. soon no more sanding filling and sanding … no more head scratching ha good on you soon to be floating ye ha stick with it


  2. Hayden Wills says:

    I have read every post. Wonderful stuff. I am also in Nthn NSW and looking to purchase a cat soon. I do not have youe skill set to even think about building my own. I would love to catch up with you and talk about your LiPo batteries at some stage. The Cat is looking brilliant. Good luck and well done.

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