Sheeting the Bow

We have changed the sheeting, again, on the bow of the port hull.

The objective of the change is to reduce, or to eliminate as far as possible, the amount of end-grain plywood that is presented in the bow area.

When the lower chine comes to the bow, the change of angle is so subtle that the “overlap” joint method exposes a wide strip of the ply sheet edge.

On the starboard hull, we reduced that by sheeting vertically up the entire stem in one sheet. We have repeated that again, but have then split the next sheet aft, butt jointing the half closest to the bow, and overlap jointing the aft half.

Where the change goes from butt to overlap, the both sheets must be dry fitted, but then the butt sheet removed, so that the overlap sheet can be planed to allow the fitting of the hull bottom.

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